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Louke van Wensveen is an virtue ethicist who builds bridges between private sector players and the communities they impact. Dr. Van Wensveen publishes and consults in the areas of sustainable development cooperation, religion and development, sustainability leadership, corporate responsibility, and environmental virtue ethics. She is the author of Dirty Virtues (Prometheus, 2000), which chronicles the character traits that inspire people to build sustainable communities.

From 1998 to 2005 Dr. Van Wensveen helped to organize a stakeholder dialogue beween religious ethicists and the Washington-based Chlorine Chemistry Council, dealing with issues related to water disinfection, dioxins, and crop protection chemicals.


She also served two terms on Dow Chemical’s Corporate Environmental Advisory Council (CEAC).


After fifteen years in academia, Dr. Van Wensveen now combines applied research with strategic policy making, professional training and grassroots coaching for sustainable development.


Dr. van Wensveen has a son and a daughter and lives in the Netherlands.


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