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Matteo Andreozzi



Short CV
Matteo Andreozzi (1979) is a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Humanae Litterae School, Department of Philosophy, Università degli Studi of Milan, Italy. 2011 1st National Prize in the 1st National Competition ONU Earth Charter (in memory of Vittorio Falsina) for a dissertation focused on the integrated vision of reality and knowledge (www.cartadellaterra.org). 2010 Special Jury Award in the 1st National Competition Darwin: passato e futuro (Darwin: Past and Future) with the essay, La rivoluzione silenzionsa (The silent revolution), downloadable at www.pikaia.eu. 2009 1st National Prize in the 49th National Competition I giovani nella vita pubblica del Paese (Youth in Italian Public Life) with the University Reform Wiki Project downloadable at www.progettofilosofi.pbworks.com.


Areas of interest in environmental philosophy
Matteo Andreozzi’s current research focuses on biocentric and ecocentric, individualism and holism, philosophy and ethics. The main aim is to reassess the relationship between the animal and environmental movements in light of jointly-held threats and concerns.


Keywords: Animalism, Sensiocentrism, Biocentrism, Ecocentrism, Environmentalism, Philosophy of Biology, Deep Ecology, Ecosophy.


Selection of publications

  • Andreozzi, M 2009, 'Verità ed errore. Spinoza e la teoria della conoscenza', in Badalin, A, Alzonzo, G & Bottos, G (eds.), Scintille umanistiche III-IV ('Truth and error. Spinoza and theory of knowledge', in Badalin, A, Alzonzo, G & Bottos, G (eds.), Humanities Sparks, III-IV) Mimesis, Milano (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2009, 'L’uomo, la sua responsabilità, il suo impegno', in Rigamonti, L & Migliavacca, M (eds.), Cambiamenti Climatici, Un approccio interdisciplinare per un Pianeta in trasformazione ('Man, His responsibility, His commitment', in Rigamonti, L & Migliavacca, M (eds.), Climate Changing, A multidisciplinary approach for a transforming Planet), Il Mulino, Milano (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M (ed.) 2009, Facoltà di Proporre (A University Reform Project), Ancora, Viareggio (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2009, La rivoluzione silenziosa (Silent Revolution), Pikaia, Milano (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2009, Buddhismo e psicologia evolutiva. L'insegnamento del Buddha e lo sviluppo della quarta personalità (Buddhism and evolutionary psychology. The teachings of the Buddha and the development of the fourth personality), GRIN, Germany (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2010, ‘Logos transmoderno e medium ipertestuale’, in Barbagallo, S (ed.), La condizione transmoderna. Tecnologia, sapere, arte ('Transmodern logos an hypertextual medium'in Barbagallo, S (ed.), Transomdern condition. Technology, knowledge, art), Aracne, Milano (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2011, Verso una prospettiva ecocentrica. Ecologia profonda e pensiero a rete (Heading toward an ecocentric cultural lease of life. Deep ecology and linking thinking), LED, Milano (Italian Language).
  • Andreozzi, M 2011, L.I.N.K. FACULTY. Understanding Connections, Making Connections, McLuhan Galaxy Conference 2011, Barcelona, Spain (English Language).



  • Immanuel Kant, animali e ambiente (IMmanuel Kant, Animals and Environment) - View on scribd.com
  • Etiche umane per soggetti biologici ed enti ecologici diversi (Human Ethics for non-human biological subjects and ecological entity) - View on sfilombardia.it
  • L.I.N.K. FACULTY. Understanding Connections, Making Connections - View on youtube.com
  • La NATURA dell'uomo (Man's Nature) - View on youtube.com


Contact details
Matteo Andreozzi

Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Università degli Studi of Milan

Via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122, Milan (Italy)

Tel: +39 338 6153823

E-mail: matteo.andreozzi@unimi.it


Personal homepage


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