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European Network for Environmental Ethics

Page history last edited by Martin Drenthen 9 years, 5 months ago

European Network for Environmental Ethics


The  European network for environmental ethics was formally established at a assembly on June 16, 2011, at the  conference Old World-New World Perspectives in Environmental Philosophy, that was held in Nijmegen, Netherlands,

Aim of the network is to provide a platform for all those working in the field of (academic) environmental ethics and philosophy in Europe to meet, exchange ideas and cooperate on new projects. ENEE will have a 'light' organizational structure, and will work together with the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) and the International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP). 


The ENEE network will first and foremost be a platform for individual environmental philosophers and ethicists in Europe, and for national and regional groups of environmental ethicists.  Our hope is that this network will help to promote European environmental philosophy, and stimulate cooperation and exchange between European environmental philosophers. The aim for the not-too-distant future is to organize substantial activities in environmental ethics and philosophy, such as organizing international conferences every two years.

The network has just started. This wiki-website is meant as a platform where we can meet and exchange ideas. The wiki-form makes it possible that the network grows organically, 'from bottom up' as it were, and prevents that one single person has to bear all the workload involved. Many hands will make light work. 

This wiki page is hosted by Louke van Wensveen and Martin Drenthen, but all European environmental ethicists / philosophers are invited to join and help transform this website into a flourishing web community. 


We envision that this site will hold of a list of environmental ethicists and philosophers working in Europe (we primarily want to address those who are seriously involved in academic environmental ethics/philosophy (broadly conceived), pages where individual member present there line of research, and a calendar listing all interesting happenings (lectures, workshops, conferences) in Europe in the field of environmental ethics.


A note on the wiki format

The wiki format enables all those with the proper privileges to add new content to this site. I hope that all you will feel free to add to the success of this site, for the success of our network depends on it to a large degree.  Please add yourself to the list of members (at least with your name and affiliation, country, contact address, and a short description of your research interests). We hope you will also contribute to the calendar by adding lectures, workshops, conferences in Europe that you believe could be of interest to your fellow environmental ethicists. 
But you can also add radically new sections to the page (e.g. a special page in your own language), start a discussion, or add something new that others have not yet thought of...  All who wish to contribute to this wiki page should contact the administrators of the site, to grant you access.


There also exists two shorter URL's for this website: (http://eegroup.pbworks.com/w/page/41657492/European-Network-for-Environmental-Ethics) 

http://tinyurl.com/EUEnvironmentalEthics  and http://tinyurl.com/EUNetworkEnvironmentalEthics).



List of members


Calendar of events



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