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Field Day 2010 - Photo's

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Left: Map of Empese en Tondense Heide in 1907

Right: Protected landscape in 2010 

The (Non)Sense of Nature Preservation:

A Dutch Case

Does it make sense to talk about preserving nature in the managed and long-trodden Dutch landscape?"  North American ethicist Phil Cafaro brought this question along on his first trip to the Netherlands. Alderwoman Louke van Wensveen invited Cafaro and the NSRPP Environmental Ethics Group to explore the question on a field trip in the municipality of Brummen. They went to the Empese en Tondense heide, a heather marsh protected by European Natura 2000 regulation.


The ethicists were joined by municipal council members, local green party officials, the provincial Natura2000 program manager, sustainability consultants, retired industry executives, volunteer nature guides and active citizens. Forest Ranger Harald van den Akker (Natuurmonumenten) led the excursion.  Afterwards, the group was invited for tea and discussion on the farm of Rita Schoonman in Brummen. 




  left: Heather































































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