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Events, Publications, and Ongoing Projects



Environmental Ethics Group

Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy



I. Events and Publications


Event or Publication 




25 May 2010




Founding symposium of the Environmental Ethics group of the NSRPP 

29 June 2010


Lecture "Thoreau and Environmental Virtue Ethics" 

- Phil Cafaro  (Colorado State University)


3.30 - 5pm; Huygensgebouw HG00.304; Radboud University Nijmegen


30 June 2010


Field Day 2010 

"The (Non)Sense of Nature Preservation: A Dutch Case"

L. van Wensveen 

1 - 4.30pm. Field trip with Phil Cafaro (Colorado State University) and local government officials to see and discuss preservation projects in the municipality of Brummen, the Netherlands. Start at Gemeentehuis Brummen (5 min walk from Brummen train station).


21 September 2010, Amsterdam

Meeting subgroup Energy

In order to explore the possibilities for international (European) collaboration on issues in the field of energy and energy ethics in particular, the OZSE Energy Group will meet on Tuesday, September 21, from 14:00 until 18:00, in Amsterdam. At this meeting, the group will discuss Armin Grunwald’s paper 'Energy futures and scenarios: hidden ethical issues and the need to uncover them', that has been presented at the conference 'Energy, ethics and the Future' in Delft.”
1 October 2001

Meeting of subgroup on climate change

The group will be discussing concept papers for the theme issue of Filosofie & Praktijk:
  • Menno van der Veen, Bram de Jonge, Michiel Korthals: “Climate Change Impact Fund; IPR and the Development of Green Technologies”.
  • Anders Schinkel: “Wat vraagt klimaatrechtvaardigheid van individuen?”
  • Marc D. Davidson: “Parallels in reactionary argumentation in the US congressional debates on the abolition of slavery and the Kyoto Protocol” (Published in Climatic Change)
  • Bernice Bovenkerk: “Een publiek klimaatdebat”.
  • Stephen Gardiner: “Jane Austen vs Climate Economics: The Problem of Ethical Corruption”.

8-9 October 2010


Environmental Ethics Session at Second Annual Conference on Practical Philosophy

(Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy)


Venue: Het Kasteel, Groningen, The Netherlands

Environmental Ethics session: Saturday 9 October, 4 - 6pm.

  1. Jacques Swart (RUG) en Jozef Keulartz (WUR): "Wild animals and the human society"
  2. Benham Taebi (TUDelft) "Splijtbare rechtvaardigheid: kernenergie en belangenconflicten tussen de generaties"
  3. Glenn Deliège (KULeuven): "Over de noodzaak van verstilling in het natuurbehoud"
  4. Marc Davidson (UvA): "Climate policy, discounting and ethics"
  Theme issue on climate change, Filosofie & Praktijk J.Keulartz 

In het winternummer van F&P (vol 31, nr. 4, december 2010) opent met een themagedeelte, bestaande uit een drietal bijdragen rond het thema ‘klimaatethiek’, in- en uitgeleid door (thema)redacteur Jozef Keulartz. 


Marc Davidson: Het Kyoto-protocol en de afschaffing van de slavernij

Anders Schinkel: Niet mijn fout?

Bernice Bovenkerk: World Wide Views; een publiek klimaatdebat

Jozef Keulartz: Voorbij de ark

11 January 2011 Meeting of the subgroup on Town and Country
  The first meeting of the 'stad&land' workgroup will take place in the Husserl-Archives, room 02.02 of the "Presidents Building (building 115.02)" at the Institute for Philosophy, Kardinaal Mercierplein 2 in Leuven, Belgium. (It is the first building on your left when you enter the Institute of Philosophy from the Mercierplein).


We will discuss the following texts:

  • Christopher Tiley (1994): A Phenomenology of Landscape. Places, Paths and Monuments. (Oxford: Berg Publishers) ;
    Chapter 1: Space, Place, Landscape and Perception: Phenomenological Perspectives, p. 7-34.
  • Tim Ingold (1993). The Temporality of Landscape. World Archaeology, 25 (1993) 2, p.152-174.
  • Steve Hinchliffe, Matthew B. Kearnes, Monica Degen & Sarak Whatmore (2005). Urban Wild Things: a Cosmopolitical Experiment, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, vol. 23, p 643-658.


Each text will be briefly introduced, to focus attention at the beginning of discussion. these presentations will need not be longer than 5 minutes, and will merekly summarize the main topics of the paper, possibly but not necessarily with some questions to get the discussion started. certainly no in-depth discussion and background for the paper needs to be given. No PowerPoint-presentations are needed, since we won't be able to project these  in the archives anyway.  


11.00h presentation + discussion Tilley (introduction by Martin Drenthen)

12.30h lunch

13.30h presentation + discussion Ingold (Introduction by Glenn Deliège)

15.00h break

15.30h presentation + discussion Whatmore&Hinchliffe (introduction by Clemens Driessen)

17.00h end


14-17 June 2011


8th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Environmental Ethics will take place in Nijmegen

"Old World and New World Perspectives on Environmental Philosophy"



Annual meeting of the International Society for Environmental Ethics, hosted by the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society

Venue: Holthurnse Hof (near Nijmegen).

For more information click here


In process 
16 June 2011
Establishment of the European Network for Environmental Ethics
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Pot of gold... by Jaydot. 



 II. Ongoing projects



  Environmental Ethics Group

  Netherlands School for Research in Practical Philosophy


Ongoing Project 




25 May 2010  Subgroup Energy  B.Taebi 
25 May 2010 Subgroup Climate Change J.Keulartz     
25 May 2010 Subgroup Town-Country G.Deliège
25 May 2010 Networking M.Drenthen
The Environmental Ethics group builds and maintains contact with similar professional groups (ISEE, IAEP, etc.) In process
1 June 2010  Wiki construction and maintenance 
Members of the Environmental Ethics Group of the NSRPP can get writer permission from the administrator. Copyright conventions and general rules of decency apply.
In process
  Organize a discussion/study group       
  Organize a seminar or congress       
  Develop a course      
  Build and maintain a group website
  Raise funds for group research and events     


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21 September 2010, 2 - 6 pm, Amsterdam

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